Introducing RNA 180: Elevate Your Practice with Smart Hygiene Management

Discover RNA 180, the cutting-edge Hygiene Management Software brought to you by BTG Global. Practices that use RNA see a 10-20% productivity increase and 5-15% reduction is missed treatments. Built on top of 40 years of hygiene experience, RNA 180 optimizes every appointment, takes the guess work out of billing and treatment planning and liberates your hygiene team to do what they do best, treat patients.

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Who We Are

We created this company with a purpose! To help Dental Professionals improve their lives by helping them improve their personal wealth. BTG Global is an app that matches professionals with professionals. Our unique online community matches dental professionals with dental offices to create teams that work. We help you make a better job choice or hiring decision. We service anything from one-offs (temps) to permanent placements. Management Team

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